Cold Water Pressure Washers

Nobody puts more pressure on dirt. In 1950 Alfred Kärcher invented the high-pressure cleaner. Since then we have continually optimized and developed our range. Whether around the house, garden or car: Kärcher, the world's market leader, always has the right machine for you


High Pressure Cleaners

World market leader in high-pressure cleaners.Kärcher high-pressure cleaners fulfill every demand and are used in the widest variety of fields. In agriculture, crafts and trades, industry, or municipalities – we are in our element wherever large areas must be cleaned daily.


Vacuum Cleaners

Rugged DIY multi-purpose vacuums: These versatile units are ideal for all tough cleaning jobs: Decoration, Car, Workshop and Household.


Hard Floor Cleaners

The Floor Cleaner FC 5 with microfibre rollers and a two-in-one function for mopping and suctioning wet and dry dirt in just one step


Steam Cleaners

Environmentally friendly, quick and convenient. Can be used practically anywhere: Kärcher steam cleaners make it possible to clean hard floor surfaces, fittings and much more with little effort and without chemicals, making them more environmentally friendly. The tried and tested Kärcher quality of these machines ensures that your floors, tiles and windows will shine.


Floor Polishers

Polish floors so that they shine.Achieve optimal results when polishing parquet, laminate, stone, PVC, cork or linoleum with Kärcher vacuum polishers. The triangular shape is ideal for polishing in corners and those places vacuums cannot reach.


Push Sweepers

Push sweepers – clean paths, roads, driveways and yards thoroughly. Sweeping becomes a pleasure: Kärcher push sweepers are easy to handle, ergonomically designed and sweep thoroughly with little dust – even in corners!


Window Cleaner

With Kärcher window vacuums you can save time when cleaning smooth surfaces such as windows, tiles and mirrors - without leaving streaks and without any dripping water



Thanks to innovative filter technology, Kärcher offers optimised solutions for versatile applications in contract cleaning, trade and industry with its choice of wet, dry or brush-type upright vacuums.


Carpet Cleaners and Spray Extraction

Kärcher carpet cleaning machines make fibre-deep cleaning of large carpeted areas possible and more economic. They can be used for conventional spray extraction as well as for a new intermediate cleaning process.


Steam Cleaners

Hygienically clean without the use of chemicals. Hygienic and environmentally friendly: Kärcher steam cleaners clean all hard surfaces without any chemical cleaning agents. The professional range of machines guarantee continuous operation and brief setup times. Quick, convenient and practical to use anywhere.


Scrubber Driers

The ideal choice for polished and hygienically clean floors. Kärcher scrubber driers are perfect for deep-cleaning, maintaining and polishing hard floors. Guaranteeing a brilliant performance, our range of scrubber driers take care of all types of cleaning jobs in an especially economic and time-saving manner.


Sweepers and vacuum sweepers

A large innovative range all with high performance and rugged reliability. From push sweepers to industrial and city cleaners: Kärcher provides machines for state-of-the-art sweeping. Our range includes machines that can sweep effectively and economically indoors and outdoors.


Industrial cleaning systems

Everything for clean industry.Kärcher provides innovative and fully developed solutions for all demands in the field of industrial cleaning systems. The assortment includes high-pressure cleaners, industrial vacuum cleaners, parts cleaning systems as well as dry ice blasting machines.



Kärcher UK Launch Kärcher Vehicle Wash (KVW)

Kärcher UK Launch Kärcher Vehicle Wash (KVW)

Kärcher, the world's largest manufacturer of cleaning equipment has strengthend its...

 Top-class performance in cleanliness and maintenance of value

Top-class performance in cleanliness and maintenance of value

Alfred Kärcher was one of the inventors and entrepreneurs who contributed...


BR 40/25 C Ep (240v mains)

BR 40/25 C Ep (240v mains)

The BR 40/25 C Ep is a compact and easy to operate...

BR 40/25 C Bp (24v battery)

BR 40/25 C Bp (24v battery)

The BD 40/25 C Bp is a compact and easy to operate...