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BRC 45/45 C

The BRC 45/45 C offers two functions in one machine. As well as giving superb deep cleaning results in a single pass, the 45/45 can be used for interim two-stage cleaning - providing fast, efficient cleaning of carpets, with very short drying times. Using K?rcher?s Fast Drying Carpet Cleaner RM 768 detergent, medium-large area carpets can be cleaned and ready for vacuuming within 20 minutes.


Hotels - Hire - Restaurants - Healthcare


Two 40cm contra-rotating brushes agitate carpets for a thorough clean, iCapsol interim cleaning process has the carpet ready for traffic in 20 minutes, Floating brush system provides consistent brush contact, even on uneven surfaces, Fast brush change as no tools are required, Foldable push handle with integrated cable hook, Float switch in the wastewater tank protects the vacuum motor, Removable dirty water tank with built-in handle, for simple emptying of wastewater, Optional hose and hand tool for spot cleaning and upholstery cleaning , Fresh water tank with integrated 1.5m filling hose, Large 10" non marking tyres provide simple transportation, Easy operations makes it ideal for training personnel.


75.00 KG


Direction of operation, forward or backwards iCapsol mode No. of rollers, 2 piece

Our Price: £3,073.00 (excl. VAT)
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