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BRS 43/500 C

Karchers interim carpet cleaner, the BRS 43/500 C, provides exceptional cleaning results and leaves carpets dry enough to use in only 20 minutes. Using encapsulation technology, the machine cleans carpets thoroughly with the minimum of effort and downtime. Interim cleaning works by spraying the carpet with water and detergent, agitating with counter-rotating brushes, and then vacuuming 20 minutes later with an upright vacuum cleaner. The carpet is then ready to use immediately. By using Karchers innovative Fast Drying Carpet Cleaner RM 768 detergent, which encapsulates dirt particles to separate them from the carpet fibres, the interim process is highly effective and gives amazing results quickly.


Hotels - Conference centres - Restaurants - Healthcare - Contract Cleaners


Carpets ready to use after 20 minutes - perfect for use in high traffic areas like offices, hotels and function suites. 7.5 litre detergent tank for long periods of operation (up to 100m) without stopping. Two 43 cm counter-rotating roller brushes to agitate deep into carpet fibres. Makes regular carpet cleaning simple and cost-effective, extending the lifetime of carpets. Highly concentrated detergent gives superb value.


Direction of operation, forward or backwards iCapsol mode No. of rollers, 2 piece RM 768 10 l

Our Price: £1,500.00 (excl. VAT)
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