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FP 303

With the new FP 303, Karcher offers a complete solution for the perfect care and maintenance of hard floors: floor polisher, high quality polishing pads and different floor care products for each flooring the perfect combination. With its high level in performance, ergonomics and comfort the FP 303 perfectly fulfils all requirements of high convenience and a brilliant polishing result. No exhausting work with high effort anymore with the new FP 303 polishing will be an enjoyment. Polishing becomes very easy with its various features the FP 303 guarantees a perfect polishing result on different floors as for example on parquet, laminate, stone, PVC, cork or linoleum. To start polishing, the customer simply has to unlock the tube by pushing the pedal button and pull the tube in working position. Annoying bending down belongs to the past. The high pad rotation and the optimized weight bring a perfect polishing result. The FP 303 is very easy to use and offers a lot of convenient details as for example the triangle shape of the polishing head that makes it possible to work close to corners. Due to the low height of the polishing head you can even polish underneath low furniture. With the ergonomic handle polishing will be a comfortable work without any effort. The suction function vacuums away any polishing residues and the cable can easily be stored on the tube with its two cable hooks. The FP 303 is equipped with a high quality textile bag which contains the filter bag. Additionally, the textile bag has an extra accessory storage where the exchangeable polishing pads can easily be stored very place saving. The smooth-running rolls make the transport of the FP 303 very easy. Polishing provides an optimal care and maintenance for the floor and makes it more resistant against abrasion or other external impacts as for example humidity or dirt. The floor will remain clean for a longer time and the cleaning intervals can be extended. In addition, there is the visual aspect: the floor will get a semi-gloss finish and the colour of the floor will get more intensive. The floor care products contain different care ingredients, e.g. waxes. Due to the high pad rotation of the floor polisher, the care product gets compressed to the floor and builds a smooth surface. The visible result is a brilliant polish and the floor will be more resistant than before the polishing.


The FP 303 is suitable for the optimal care and maintenance of many different floor coverings like parquet, laminate, cork, different stone floors, linoleum or PVC.


High pad rotation and optimized weight guarantee a perfect polishing result. Low height of polishing head for polishing underneath low furniture. Ergonomic handle Due to its optimized geometry, the new developed ergonomic handle offers a comfortable handling. Special polishing pads achieve an optimal polishing result. High quality textile bag including separate accessory storage The textile bag contains the filter bag and offers the possibility for a space-saving storage of the polishing pads in the accessory storage. Suction function Polishing residues are sucked in easily. Pedal button to unlock the tube To start polishing, the customer simply has to unlock the tube by pushing the pedal button and pull the tube in working position. No annoying bending down anymore. Cable storage for an easy cable storage on the two cable hooks Transport rolls With the smooth-running rolls the FP 303 can be transported without any effort.


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