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S 650

S 650: Powerfull and convenient. The push handle with four-way height adjustment can be set to suit the user perfectly. If necessary, the push handle can be folded flat to take up a minimum of storage space. The study roller brush and the two side brushes on the S 650 provide a sweeping width of 650 mm. Large areas as well as edges and corners are swept fast and thorough. The S 650s waste container is quickly removed and is designed to stand on its own.


Easy cleaning of pathways, roads, yards, driveways and garages.


Adjustable & ergonomic push handle Comfortable handling, fits different body sizes perfectly Stowage position The unit can folded completely flat for space saving storage Stand alone waste container with integrated handle Makes the emptying easier


11.00 KG



Our Price: £127.65 (inc. VAT)
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