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B 90 R Classic Bp

The B 90 R as successor of the BR / BD Trike has an enlarged tank volume, a high manoeuverability and a small turning radius of 1,6 m. Due to its compact design the machine can be transported easily. It can be transported in elevators. The B 90 R is equipped with ventilation openings for the battery case. Different disc and roller brush heads of K?rcher?s new brush head generation can be used in different working widths (55-75 cm). The brush drive operates with star coupling. An easy fresh water filling can be guaranteed. The turbine is protected with an additional washable flat pleated filter against corrosion.


Robust construction, the plastics chassis absorbs shocks, agile and with an extremely high climbing ability, easy to transport. Compact despite a higher tank volume, can be transported in elevators and easily pass doors. Good traction due to an optimal distribution of weight. Small turning radius of 1,6 m makes turning in very narrow floors possible. K?rcher EASY standard operation. Wheel is always on the floor, also in narrow curves. Roller brush head: Integrated sweeping device makes sweeping and sucking in one work step possible. Flexible use of the machine due to brush change system. Brush heads with different working widths (55 - 75 cm) can be used. Brush drive with star coupling. Brush contact pressure can be changed. Fast and easy fresh water filling. Waste water tank: Automatic stopp due to a float. Washable flat pleated filter additionally protects the turbine against corrosion. Eccentric seat position provides a good view on the working area.

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