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BDP 43/1500 C Bp

The BDP 43/1500 C Bp has compact size and very good manoeuvrability. The front castor encourages the manoeuvrability. The engine speed of 1500 rpm provides effective burnishing performance. Simple controls for easy handling. The machine allows straight-line burnishing, that leads to maximum productivity. A comfortable operating height ensures the handle adjustment, for storage the handle can fold flat. On the one hand the control trigger prevents accidental use on the other hand the machine stops when the user releases it. The fitted batteries are maintenance free and leakage is not possible. A LED battery life gauge shows the battery status. Run time up to two hours is possible. The on-board battery charger ease the charging, just plug mains lead in and the LEDs show how battery recharging is progressing. The floating pad drive adjusts itself on uneven floors and the spring-loaded drive board maintains optimum pad contact. There is an optional spray cleaning kit hereby the cleanser is only dispensed where it is needed.


1500 rpm effective burnishing performance 43cm pad for compact size and manoeuvrability 44 Ah batteries up to two hours run time Control trigger safety interlock prevents accidental use, simply release trigger to stop machine Floating pad drive adjusts for uneven floors Handle adjustment pull lever to set handle comfortable operating height handle can fold flat for storage LED battery life gauge shows battery status Low height and long reach easy to clean under desks and other furniture, clean under hanging garments in retail environments Maintenance free batteries fitted no topping up On-board battery charger easy plug & play Optional spray cleaning kit Pull lever to release as much solution as required, solution is only dispensed where needed Plug mains lead in simply to recharge Red - Amber - Green LEDs to show how battery recharging is progressing Simple controls for easy use Spring-loaded drive board maintains optimum pad contact Straight-line burnishing maximum productivity Wheels and front castor make machine easy to manoeuvre

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