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BDP 50/2000 RS Bp

The combination of high brush rotation speed and wide wirking width result in a highly effective cleaning result. The standing-position of the machine user ensures optimal visibility of the area to be polished. The machine is highly maneuverable. The passive suction reliably sucks in the emerging polishing dust and collects it in an easy to remove filter bag. So glossy shine of the surface is ensured right after polishing. The polisher head can be automatically lifted up and down. The polishing pad's contact pressure can be configured steplessly and thus adjusted perfectly to the floor conditions. This guarantees perfect polishing results.


Battery driven: Suitable for daytime cleaning since no lead cable is needed. Brush head can be lifted up and down automatically: Easy mounting and maintaining. Brush overload: The automatic stop prevents damage of the machine. Drive motor: Easy to manoeuvre, higher productivity. Fine adjustable - floor pressure: Adjustable to all floor conditions for the best polishing result. Integrated passive suction system: Glossy shine at once due to suction of emerging polishing dust. Very high engine speed (2000 rpm): In combination with big diameter it melts top layers easily and ensures highly shine results. Working width 50 cm: For medium as well as large areas.

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