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BR 100/250 R

The BR 100/250 R is equipped with a combination of roller brushes and integrated sweeping device. The new constructured machine is characterised by an easy and practical operation. All functions of scrubbing, polishing and vacuuming are equipped with simple and self-explaning symbols. The BR 100/250 R changes automatically all necessary modules of the choosen programme. The orientation of un-learned persons are maken easier. The roller brush speed is adjusted to the respective cleaning programme. Use Power clean for stubborn incrustation, Whisper clean with reduced noise level for normal soiling and Fine clean for removal of grey film. Adjustment of the steering column to the user's size for an ergonomical working as well as well-being advantages. The buckled steering column allows a sloped steering to the driver and concurrent hanging of the wheel from top without coasting. Thereby an area measured contact surface of the wheel with noticeable improvement of traction in bends, reduced surface load and increasing of the life-time. An exact detergent dosage is possible by using a hose pump (as option). Simple constructed and shock-resistant brush-head. In collision with objects the brush head which is mounted horizontal and vertical resilient avoids hitting objects and protects against damages. In comparison with the old brush head made of metal the new is made of light and impact resistant plastic and corrosion-free. Better protection of drive belt against moisture. Automatically reduction of contact pressure when overload and so protection of brush head against overload and damage.


Detergent dosage via hose pump (optional) 2x10 Liter-can fixed at the vehicle, can be changed between 0,5 - 4,0 % during driving. FACT - Flexible Appliation Control Technology For use on different floorings and for different applications without time-consuming changeover or change of machine. Fresh water tank / Waste water tank Each 250 Liter, large opening for cleaning, protection of turbine by flat pleated filter Modification of handling, steering wheel, step Ergonomical working and thereby lower exhausting as well as well-being advantages by adjustment of the steering column on the user's size (approx. 2 cm). Step tread for an easier step in and step out. New brush head Sweeping device integrated, protection against impact, rubber lipps at the side, adjustable roller brush speed, higher brush speed. Service-friendly modular steering Modules can be changed separately. Interface makes possible to strike up of datas or to read out of error messages etc. Standardised user concept - Single-knob-operation Self-explanning, individual adjustment of parameters possible. Turning circle only 2,12 m Easy handling also on close placed areas

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