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BD 60/95 RS

This step-on scrubber drier offers the maneuverability of a walk-behind machine and the speed of a ride-on machine. The BD 60/95 Bp RS is the ideal machine for super markets, industry, public buildings, health care and contract cleaning. The minimal turning radius of only 130 cm also enables to clean even winding and tight areas completely. All is fully automatically. The BD 60/95 Bp RS moves into a working position just by pressing a button. Brush head, suction bar and water supply start automatically. The operator has total control of the current settings by keeping an eye on the large digital display. The swivelling suction bar ensures that the water is optimal sucted up also when turning. Therefore the floor is dried up right away also in turning circles. The Aqua-mizer system reduces the needed amount of water and detergent. Therefore working times can be enlarged up to 50 %. Change of brushes without the need of tools. The separate filter for big dirt saves the dirt-water hose from plugging. Easy and uncomplicated battery replacement for longer working hours thanks to the optional battery cartridges.


Perfect overview: Due to the compact dimensions and the standing position, the operator has a perfect field of vision - only 30 cm from the front end of the machine. This provides an improved cleaning result and more safety. Standing position: Quick stepping on- and off for example to put objects aside. Compact design: For easy access of tight areas. Smal turning radius: 130 cm. High maneuverability for high area performance. Automatic water- and brush- stop when machine stops. Protection of sensitive surfaces due to automatic control of pump and brushes. Brush head with two contrarotating disc brushes (dia. 305 mm): Therefore reduced need of water- and detergent. For long time- and cost saving working intervals. Aqua-Mizer-System. Less water and detergent needed. For long working hours and cost-saving working intervals. Battery cartridge: Fast and secure change of batteries. Thus enlarged working intervals. Clearly arranged display: Easy and intuitively understandable functions. Use of the machine is easily learned. No intensive training needed. One-touch-knob: Machine is ready for working by just pressing one button. Completely automatic: Lift-up and down of brush head and suction bar as well as adjustment of water amount is done automatically. Swivelling suction bar: Dirt water is also in turning sucted up completely. The surface is dry and accessible right away

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