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B 80 W Bp DOSE

This walk-behind scrubber drier is signed by a high agility. Ideal for contract cleaner, logistics, industry, dealer, schools and hospitals. Efficient cleaning by the big tank capacity of 80 l fres and waster water tank. Clearly arranged operating panel for different adjustments of speed, water quatity and brush follow-up time. The machine is equipped with the new brush head generation. Maschine. Change without tools between different disc brushes or roller brushes by a foot pedal. Through the integrated sweeping device the BR version sweep and scrub in one step.


Attractive design, rugged hard rubber wheel for a safe operating. Clearly arranged operating panel with adjustments for speed, water quantity, brush follow-up time etc. Efficient with big tank capacity (80 l fresh and waste water tank). Easy filling of the fresh water tank by automatical filling system. Automatical shut-down by floating switch in case of full fresh water tank. No formation of germs through the separation of fres water and cleaning agents. Cleaning agent dosing system DOSE in series. Easy brush change with the new brush head generation by foot pedal. Brushes can be changed without tools (roller and disc brushes). Change of the whole brush head lasts only 5 minutes. With the integrated sweeping device in the BR brush head sweeping and scrubbing in one step possible. BR brush heads includes a wter distribution bar for optimizing the cleaning result. Contra-rotating roller brushes.

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