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BD 80/120 W Bp

The BD 80/120 W is the biggest scrubber drier within the walk-behind scrubber-drier range. Due to its exreme robust design the BD 80/120 W is perfectly suitable for industrial usage. The brush change is easy and quickly done without any tools. The powerful turbine ensures the complete suction of the dirt water . The big water tank with 120 l fresh- and waste water as well as the Aqua- Mizer System support long working intervalls. Due to the Aqua-Mizer System less water and detergent is needed. Fresh- and dirt water indicators ensure a constantly overview of the water level anytime in sight level. Automatic brush- and water stop when the machine stops prohibits demages of surfaces or furniture. The machine is supplied with a curved suction bar by default. Due to the sloped design of the BD 80/120 W the user has an outstanding view on the working area. Clearly positioned and intuitively understandable control- and operation panel. No need of intensive trainings. Uncomplicated access of brushes and batteries without the use of any tools. The batteries are securely stored in the middle of the machine chassis to be easily accessed for recharging. The foamed wheels are non-sensitive against cracks and air-loss


120 I Fresh-/Waste water tank as 2-tank-system: For long working intervals. Robust design: Insensitive ageinst collisions. Sloped desing: Optimal view on the working area. Deflector rolls: Protection of machine and furniture. The BD works with 2 disc brushes: Wide working width of 800 mm. Powerful battery: Flexible, electricity independant use. Aqua-Mizer System: Reduced amount of water and detergent needed for longer working intervals. Quick-brush change: Quick and easy brush change without any tools. Clear operation panel: Easy and user friendly for short training period. Storage for e.g. detergents and brushes: Everything within reach. Foamed wheels, non-streaking and oil-resistant: No damages, no maintenance needed.

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