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WV 2 Premium GB

With the innovative Window Vac, Kärcher has revolutionised window cleaning. The original Kärcher battery-powered Window Vac simplifies cleaning and saves considerable time and effort. Its electric suction makes the annoyance of dripping a thing of the past. Its clever combination of spray bottle and wiper, together with the vacuum function of the Window Vac, ensures highly effective cleaning and gleaming windows - without streaks or residues. In addition, the handy and ergonomic Kärcher battery-powered Window Vac makes window cleaning very hygienic, as it eliminates direct contact with the dirty water. Thanks to the additional narrow suction nozzle, even small or hard-to-reach places, like windows with small panes and glass cabinets, can be cleaned effortlessly. The cleaning possibilities are endless.


  • All smooth surfaces
  • Windows
  • Mirrors
  • Tiles
  • Glass table
  • Shower cabin

    Lightweight and quiet

    • Its low weight and pleasantly low noise level make window cleaning with the WV 2 even more convenient.

    Compact and handy

    • The small, handy device makes cleaning smooth surfaces even easier.
    • Even the bottom window edge is easy to reach with the Kärcher Window Vac.

    LED display in field of view

    • Energy management made easy: the LED display integrated in the on/off switch indicates in good time when the battery needs to be recharged.

    Quick to empty

    • The dirty water tank can always be emptied quickly and easily when required.

    The original

    • Original Kärcher quality from the inventor of the Window Vac.

    3 x faster

    • Window cleaning is 3x faster with the Window Vac than with conventional methods.

    Drip-free and streak-free results

    • Thanks to electric water vacuuming, dripping water is now a thing of the past. For sparkling clean windows.

    Completely hygienic

    • Quick and simple tank emptying without coming into contact with dirty water.

    Diverse applications

    • The Window Vac can be used on all smooth surfaces such as tiles, mirrors and shower cabins.



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